About Us

Recycled Art!

The “Green Gate”, a nickname earned from the vast amount of recycled materials used in it’s creation, is an 8,000 square foot host of activity. Originally built in 1908, the current owner, Jeff Call, embarked on a total restoration in 2007 using recycled/reclaimed materials provided by 'Gator' Ager.

Local Artists:

Karen Marvik-Hallis
Thor (Commissioned by Bill Bruzas)
Jeff Call

Our Pizza Crust is Special!

Owner Jeff Call said that when he told his uncle of his plans to open a nightclub with a restaurant serving pizza, his uncle was happy to offer help with a basic pizza dough recipe. It was an offer Call couldn’t refuse. His uncle is Larry Turco – the man who brought the original pizza dough recipe to Cloverleaf Pizza in 1961 ... Whether the dough has evolved or changed since Larry Turco first brought the recipe there, I can’t say. But what I can say is it’s some of my favorite pizza in town." Sue Kidd TNT 12/4/2009